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Hello. I'm Erika Elyn and thanks for taking an interest in my shop! I have curly, crazy frizzy hair and love it. I probably know too much about Star Trek and spend more time reading book reviews than actually reading the book.

I believe I have always had a creative nature. I made little book marks and bags out of old jeans when I was little. And I was always the person in charge of sewing ripped seams and buttons back on clothes in my family. But I never developed much more then that.
But on February 5th, 2008 a tornado ripped through Union University's campus where I was a student. I found myself possession-less and 800 miles from what I called home. A week later I finally made it home to Pittsburgh and waited for the school to figure out how we were going to complete the semester.  My best friend, Ashley, left her school and drove across Pennsylvania to come to stay with me. Bored one day she took out her knitting and started to teach me. With her and my mother's help within a couple days I made my first scarf. Over the next year, all my friends got scarves, hats, and gloves. I ran out of people to give them too! I decided to expand my horizons and asked for a sewing machine the next Christmas. My last year at Union, I began to sew bags to carry my book with just enough pockets. Refusing to pay $35 on a little wallet that was massed produce by underpaid worker... I made my own. Now, I have started my own business. I sell my wares online, craft shows and (coming soon!!!) boutiques.

I strive to make the most functional accessories possible. I like clean lines and my sister says I live in solids. But for those of you who like pattern, I've got you covered, too! I take my time constructing each piece to insure it's quality.  I won't sell you something I'm not proud of.  And I create all my items myself from my studio in Pittsburgh.

And if you want to know a little more about me... I love peep jousting, riding my bike to the grocery store, and 30 Rock. I surprise people with my intricate knowledge of all things hockey. I loved reading Harry Potter when I should of been paying attention in class. I made horror movies with my brother when I was younger and I always had to play the good guy. I wish I still shared a room with my little sister so we could stay up at night talking. I love good meals with good friends.  And lastly, I hope you enjoy Erika Elyn Creations!

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