Library Thing vs. Good Reads

by ErikaElynCreations on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am a self proclaimed bookworm.  I love reading.  I like good stories.  Stories that are very fantiful (is that even a word?  fantiful:  full of fantasy; elaborate; or intricate.  There... now it's a word).  I always have a long 'To Read' List.  I'd see a book and think "oh I need to read that after the one I'm reading now."  Of course, I forget about it, start reading something else and see it again and say the same thing.
Then I found Library Thing.  Heaven sent.  You can catalog all your books.  Books you want to read, books you've read, books you own, your book wish list, etc.  I used it to keep a list of 'To Reads' and books that I've read.  This also staved my unnecessary need to buy the book; so I could have a little trophy after to have proof that I read it.  Now, I just go to the library and mark it on Library Thing and I can still have some kind of trophy.  Hahaha.   It also recommends books to you, which I love!
A few months ago I found Good Reads.  Which is essentially the same thing.  It has a sleeker cleaner look, and has this super fun quote page.  It has so many quotes.  I could read it for hours... and has inspired several ideas for laptop sleeves.
But now I can't decide which one I want to use!  I'm so torn.  Hahaha.  I feel this loyalty to Library Thing but Good Reads has this cleaner look and has more details about authors.  So, as of right now my reading lists reflect how torn I feel.  My 'To Read' is on Good Reads and what I have read is up on Library Thing.
If anyone has a Library Thing or a Good Reads account you can find me under the username 'Erikuda'.  Take a look at what I'm reading these days and feel free to recommend!!!!

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