Featured Item for the Week of 10/3

by ErikaElynCreations on Monday, October 3, 2011

      October, October.  This week means getting everything together for the Appomattox Railroad Festival that's this weekend.  I need to finish some hanging tag designs, get them printed.  Tag all my items.  Get my signage together.  And assemble some lovely coat racks I'm going to use to display my bags.  I definitely did not get all the stuff made I wanted.  But I have enough to bring with me so I'm satisfied.  Oh, and I need to get some pictures shot of my new Bluff Totes and start posting them.
       Is it lame if I keep the featured item the same as last week?  I think I'm going to do that.  And keep a look out for the Lawrenceville Petite Purse.  It'll arrive in my shop after the festival.
       I have a lot debuting in my shop in the months prior to the holidays so keep a eye out for them. The Lawrenceville Petite Purse, the Bluff Tote (only available October-Janurary), and I'll finally get some Hazelwood Clutches posted.  It is a busy season, after all.

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