Featured Item for the week of 9/19

by ErikaElynCreations on Monday, September 19, 2011

      What's on tap this week?  More work for the Appomattox Railroad Festival.  I'm making pouches, Kindle/Nook/iPad cases.  Oh, and Tote Bags!!!  These tote bags will make an appearance in my shop, too.  They'll be part of the Bluff Collection and will be available from October-January.
      You probably want to know the featured item for this week???  It's the Oakland Sleeve.  I designed this sleeve to the perfect minimal, but also functional accessory.  I use a Bluff Sleeve for my personal computer, but I'm thinking about switching over to the Oakland Sleeve.  20% off any Oakland Sleeve, this week only!  Use coupon code OAKSLV9192011.
      I also want to do a new collection preview this week, as well as my first recipe post!  So keep checking back!

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