New Collection Preview: The Zippers are here!

by ErikaElynCreations on Saturday, September 10, 2011

I ordered a lot of zippers and they have arrived!!  Now, I can really get to work on this new collection.  I have one month till the Appomattox Railroad Festival to start selling theses suckers.  It'll be the new collection's "soft open."  And if I make it into the Handmade Arcade for the Holidays (fingers crossed),  I'll be selling them there, too.  I haven't decided if I'll be participating in the I Made It Market's I Made it for the Holidays.  I only have 9 more days to decide before applications are due.  I've never been there before and I think I might just want to go as a shopper this year, just to check things out and get some christmas shopping done!

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